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About me


Laura Hardy, Registered Nutritionist

I believe in self-care, and prioritising health and wellness before we are forced to make time for illness.

It was during a successful career in film & TV that my health started to take a downturn. The pressure of working all hours and putting good nutrition on the back seat lead to me suffering digestive issues, burnout, hormone imbalances, fatigue & depression. Yes my career was thriving, but my body was trying to tell me otherwise. When life took a different turn I embarked on a new path. A path to achieving optimal wellness, and with the goal to help others do the same. 

After studying biomedicine and nutrition for 3 years, I started practising and helping clients feel their very best selves. I have experienced first hand how the stresses and strains of modern life can wreak havoc with our body's processes. As a nutritionist, I dedicate time to get to know you and your lifestyle, to get to the root of your symptoms, and then support your body holistically, without just plastering over isolated symptoms. 


Your journey to healthy starts here.

Laura x

DipCNM mBANT mANP rCNHC rGNC, fully insured.

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Why see a Nutritionist?

Why Naturopathy

I can help with


Do you suffer with bloating/ IBS? Sluggish after meals? Do you feel intolerant to many foods? Do you have irregular bowel habits? Optimal health starts with the gut. I can help to get your gut back on track with functional testing and a comprehensive gut protocol.


Are you 'tired yet wired'? Struggle to get up in the morning? Is coffee your lifeline? Do you have brain fog? Do you crave carbs & feel you are running on empty? Are you used to feeling stressed? I can support blood sugar balance and look at what may be driving your fatigue.


Do you suffer with skin issues? Do you react poorly to alcohol? Do you experience painful, heavy periods, headaches or mood swings? Are you constipated? Many systems of the body can be affected by sluggish detox. I can help support your liver to get you back on track.

Hormone imbalances

Are your energy levels up and down? Do you struggle to lose weight? Are you waking in the night but tired in the morning? Do you recover poorly from exercise? With tailored testing and analysis, I can support your hormonal health to stabilise mood, energy and all round vitality.

Weight issues

Have you tried every diet going but nothing seems to help? Is your weight affecting your wellbeing and your confidence? Let me guide you to find your ultimate happy self, with nutritious dietary recommendations that don't leave you feeling hungry.


Are your emotions running your every day life? Are you stressed and irritable? Do you fly off the handle or have trouble sleeping? Together we can identify the root cause of your mood and work towards a calmer happier you with a tailor-made nutrition plan.


"Laura knows her stuff! She explains what she is talking about in a very clear manner. She listens very carefully to questions & concerns and engages in a dialogue with you. Her nutrition plan was clear and related to me specifically.
She is very warm, friendly & caring. It was a pleasure to attend her clinic."

- Heather S. Manchester


As your nutritionist I will work with you to fully support you in your journey back to healthy.

The initial consultation is extremely thorough as I take a full medical history, family history, details of lifestyle and dietary intake, any medications and sleep & exercise habits. This attention to detail allows me to provide support in a holistic way, that is to say that I don’t just treat isolated symptoms, but consider what may be causing these symptoms and support the body as a whole entity so as to promote overall health and wellness. Any recommendations I give will always be grounded in and backed up by the latest scientific research, and although nutritional therapy works differently to mainstream medicine, I work as an adjunct to the health service where necessary.

Healthy Starts Here!
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07779 004475

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