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Are we at the mercy of our genes?

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

The world of epigentics is one that fascinates me and is something I incorporate into my practice as a nutritionist.

What have genetics got to do with nutrition and lifestyle? 🌱

We all have polymorphisms on our genes which make us who we are, but sometimes these polymorphisms or ‘SNPs’ as they’re known, can give a good picture of what is happening in the body, and the practise of nutrigenomics is applying nutritional advice based on those SNPs. For example, a client recently had their health genetics tested, and when I interpreted them they were found to have a polymorphism on a gene which normally detoxifies and clears pesticides and toxins, meaning that for them, the detox process is sluggish, and a priority should be eating organic foods and avoiding chemicals in the home and around them. Otherwise harmful toxins can accumulate in cells.

genetics and epigenetics, nutrition and DNA

Nutrigenomics is fascinating because it highlights how much our surroundings, lifestyle and diet can shape our genetics, in both a positive and negative way. And it gives great insight into why we are a certain way. There are gene SNPs linked to everything - how we process coffee, heart health, even our mood patterns. But we are not stuck with our genetic destiny, as previously believed, we can actually rewrite and reshape our genetic health with nutrition and lifestyle. How incredible is that! Contact me to find out how simple dietary and lifestyle changes can help to mould your genetic destiny.

Healthy starts here!

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