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How to be the person you want to be!

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

new year new you. how to change. self-care & self-belief

I’m not a runner.

I’m not a happy person.

I’m not somebody who can change.

I’m not very healthy.

I’m a worrier.

I’m unloveable.

I’m unconfident.

I’m unlucky.

We really do tell ourselves a crock of lies sometimes eh?!

Just because you’ve always been a certain way, doesn’t mean you always have to remain that way.

If the label you’ve been giving yourselves for years isn’t working for you anymore, change it!

We can change our habits and thinking patterns in the same way we can change muscle mass. It’s that easy.

What we believe, we become.

You are in control of your thoughts so take control and be that person you want to be!

body positivity, self-care, running, women's health, health & fitness

All those things above are the person I used to be. They are NOT who I am today because they weren’t working for me.

Cull the thoughts that don’t serve you!

Have a lovely week!

Nourish yourself and move your body.

I just went for a run because guess what - I decided I’m a runner one day 😉

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