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If you're experiencing hormonal issues - this is my number 1 superfood you should be eating!

Best food for hormones, PCOS, PMS, endometriosis, menopause, women's health
  • Not only is it a superfood but a fast food too....

  • You can easily grow it yourself, even without a garden......

  • It is really really tiny, but packs a powerful punch...

I get it my friend. You’re whacked, it has been a DAY, you’re feeling moody and anxious and your hormones are running riot. And to top it all there’s nothing healthy in the fridge…..

Broccoli sprouts to the rescue!!!

Not only are these beauties a fast food (eat straight from the pack 🌱), they’re also one of the few foods I would deservedly crown a ‘superfood’. And if you’re in hormone hell (AKA perimenopause/ PCOS/ PMS for example) these are about to become your new best friend..!

Broccoli sprouts have all the hormone harnessing powers of broccoli - they provide sulforaphane which is so good at effectively ‘mopping-up’ oestrogen and detoxing it, it is thought to actually reverse oestrogen-induced metabolic changes in the body (such as those involved in breast cancer for example)*.

But here’s the best bit.....Broccoli sprouts (which are immature broccoli), contain over 100 times the amount of sulforaphane as is in regular broccoli. So they really do pack a super punch! The compounds found in these super sprouts are also thought to reduce inflammation, reduce triglycerides and provide epic amounts of antioxidants.

Find them at online grocery stores such as Abel & Cole, whole food stores, and you can even sprout your own! So if you need to ramp up your dinner to give it a super healthy kick, grab a handful of these heroes.

If your hormones are running the show and making your life miserable, contact me now to find out the many ways I could support you!

Healthy starts here!

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