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Is alcohol your drug of choice through the week?

Let’s talk booze and your health!🥂🍾🍷

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It’s the first line of medication for many of us - it’s widely used as an anti-anxiety drug, a stress reliever, a sleep enhancer…. It’s a reasonably priced easily sourced medication lots of us rely on to help get us through a ropey week and wind down at the end of it.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy alcohol in moderation and I like many, have my favourite tipple. And particularly this time of year, as the nights draw in and Christmas beckons, its appeal is enhanced and life can quickly get quite ‘boozy’.

I’m a realist, not just a nutritionist, and I know sometimes life’s little rewards can go a long way, and I’m a big believer of ‘everything in moderation’. But just a quick word about moderation because sometimes what we think is helping us is actually doing us more harm…..

For anybody experiencing any kind of hormone imbalance - that’s to say, your stress hormones are wreaking havoc, your periods are all over the place, you suffer regular headaches, your sleep is bad, bowel movements are unpredictable, you’re unable to lose weight or you feel anxious or down - then I’m sorry to say alcohol is probably not your friend! 🤚🏼🥂

If you require coffee to get you going in the morning and a glass of wine to wind down at night then chances are alcohol is not your friend! Often clients get stuck in this vicious cycle in the belief these little ‘aides’ are doing them good. It can take a while to break that cycle but like anything, when we understand why we’re doing something, life becomes much easier to fathom. That’s where the help of a registered nutritionist comes in.

If this sounds like you, try and taper down your alcohol consumption by reducing it at first to weekends only and then see how far you can take it. Check in with how you feel. You may be surprised that you actually don’t ‘need’ alcohol after all.

For help and support with healthy eating including handy tips to limit alcohol consumption and break the coffee/ wine cycle, message me here to find out how I can help! I offer a no obligation 15 minute free discovery call - what are you waiting for?! x

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