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Oestrogen & Histamine - the odd couple.

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Did you know oestrogen and histamine have a synergetic relationship in the body?

Histamine is usually produced by the body to induce an immune response to triggers such as certain foods, pollen, grass, and fur. Hence a GP may prescribe anti-histamines if we are hyper-reactive to these things.

allergy symptoms during cycle due to oestrogen and histamine

But did you know that internally our own body can also trigger histamine to rise?

Oestrogen is a hormone which rises and dips throughout a woman’s cycle and throughout her life. And sassy old oestrogen can cause histamine levels to rise too 😮

Which is why some women experience symptoms of high histamine at different points in their cycle. Symptoms such as a runny nose, headaches, facial flushing, itchy skin can all be signs of a histamine intolerance. Different foods contain different levels of histamine too. Foods such as wine, avocado, fish, dried fruit are all high in histamine. Which for some people could explain why at times of the cycle when oestrogen is high, wine or certain foods can bring on hayfever or other allergy-like symptoms.

What’s more, histamine can also prompt oestrogen levels to rise, which can bring on hormonal symptoms such as cramps, bloating, headaches and PMS, so it’s important to keep dietary levels in check if we want to keep our hormones healthy and nicely balanced.

A not-so-gentle reminder for those still wondering how the heck hormones can be at all impacted by diet! THEY CAN AND THEY ARE!**

If this sounds familiar, contact me to see how nutrition can help calm this rollercoaster and kick those sniffly symptoms into the long grass! 🥬🌱🌾

Healthy starts here!

(** this is a good thing. It means we have the tools all around us to help us feel better 😉)

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