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Perimenopause S.O.S Part 1

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

The oestrogen rollercoaster!

*Sounds way more fun than it is!*

Fluctuating oestrogen levels as we transition through the perimenopause into menopause can result in a whole host of symptoms, as we experience the physical and emotional symptoms of this hormone in flux.

⬆️ oestrogen can result in breast pain, heavy periods, irritable mood, and high histamine levels - AKA peri-meno allergies. (See my earlier post on histamine and oestrogen.)

⬇️ oestrogen can result in night sweats and depression.

After decades of relatively steady levels of oestrogen, as reproductive years come to a close and the body starts to adjust, the brain needs to recalibrate and learn how to cope with its usually steady supply of oestrogen and progesterone.

To help with this transition we must ensure the body is capable of excreting used up oestrogen, but if our livers are chockablock trying to excrete caffeine, refined sugar and alcohol, used up oestrogen can be turned away 🤚🏼 and sent back into the body again - resulting in even higher oestrogen levels and a little more hormonal chaos. ☄️

So what do we do??

🌱 Ensure swift hormone excretion and lessen the liver’s workload by limiting alcohol, refined sugar and caffeine.

🌱 Support liver detoxification by drinking 1.5-2L water per day.

🌱 Eat plenty of cruciferous vegetables which are superheros at supporting elimination of oestrogen hormone (broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, kale).

🌱 Make sure your digestive system is performing optimally (ie no bloating, diarrhoea, constipation, gas, reflux) in order to stay on top of hormone metabolism and excretion. (If not, DM me 😉).

If you feel like you need support with any of the above contact me now to arrange a consultation! All consults done remotely via zoom.

Head to my 2nd menopause blog post now on what to do if your symptoms are getting you down…..

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