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Perimenopause S.O.S Part 2

Why are my symptoms so bad? Is this normal?

❌ Hot flushes

❌ Headaches/ migraines

❌ Brain fog

❌ Poor sleep

❌ Depression

❌ Night sweats

❌ Weight gain

Wow girl, if that’s you 👆🏼 you’ve come to the right place because that doesn’t sound like much fun at all.

Truth is, we were designed to go through the menopause, just as we were designed to go through puberty, but there’s a sliding scale of suffering and NEWSFLASH! it doesn’t have to be this miserable.

Women in tribal societies have been observed to go through a relatively misery-free menopause. Why is that? It’s thought to be due to an active life, eating whole unprocessed food, maintaining a healthy body weight and living a relatively stress free, less toxic life compared to their western counterparts.

Outside factors hugely affect our hormones and it’s worth noting and seeing where you can make improvements, so you can feel the very best you possibly can during this important phase of your life.

Read on for my top 4 tips for minimising your perimenopause symptoms....

✅ Reduce use of plastics such as heating food in plastic Tupperware as the toxins in them (AKA xenoestrogens) are known to mimic oestrogen and can thus wreak havoc with our own hormones, worsening symptoms. (Other examples of xenoestrogens are air fresheners, plastics bottles, laundry powders and the contraceptive pill). Try using glass storage containers and use refill eco shops.

✅ Buy organic fruit and vegetables as the pesticides, herbicides & insecticides can also interplay with our hormones, and disrupt normal processes.

✅ Get active. Being overweight can affect blood sugar which in turn can affect oestrogen and progesterone production. Having a higher BMI is known to worsen symptoms.

✅ Minimise stress. Stress hormones can cause a rise in core body temperature. So if you’re already feeling the flush, stress is only going to make you feel worse. When the sex hormones (oestrogen & progesterone) are having a reshuffle, the last thing we want are stress hormones getting in on things. More on this in my next blog post……..

Healthy starts here!

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