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Shhh......! Nobody mention the 'M' word

Updated: Nov 10, 2021


#makemenopausematter #menopause #perimenopause

Ya know, that thing nobody ever talks about….?! 🤐

Believe it or not it’s not an illness or a disorder and we don’t have to whisper about it! The menopause is a chapter of life that presents itself to women after the reproductive phase of life and can often pose a real challenge to many women and negatively affect their daily lives. Radio broadcaster Jo Whiley recently opened up about experiencing debilitating symptoms on air and how they impacted her career, something many women face during this phase of life. Therefore it’s about time we started talking openly about the challenges it brings and what the hell we’re gonna do about it! I intend to be quite vocal about it so buckle up….! 📢📢📢

We just wrapped up menopause awareness month so I thought it pretty timely to write some posts on perimenopause and menopause symptoms; what to expect, and what you can do to help them.

Healthy menopause starts here!

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